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Raider Nation season NEVER ends

Yes, the Super Bowl is over with the NY Giants once again hoisting the championship trophy (Insert “boo” sound here). But as loyal Raider fans, we wore our jerseys proudly and watched the game almost rooting (I said ALMOST rooting) for the Giants to win over the dreaded Patriots. Damn you Tom Brady and damn that “tuck” rule. There’s a word that rhymes with tuck that always comes to mind when we think about that infamous “tuck” rule.

Most of the enjoyment during the Super Bowl for the Raider Nation came from all the wacky commercials. And the prop bets like: How long was the National Anthem going to last? Who would the MVP thank first? Don’t remind me that I lost money on Madonna’s halftime performance. Who knew she would go with the old school blond hair? Now I’m “desperately seeking” to win my $20 back.

Ok, so the Super Bowl usually marks the end of the NFL season. NOT for the Raider Nation!

We are not about to store our jerseys away with mothballs or put away our shirts at the bottom of our dresser drawers. Being a proud member of the Raider Nation is a year round thing. We show our pride 365 days a year. We wear our jerseys, sweaters, and shirts to every event possible.

Our dedication to the Silver & Black is unparalleled. Dodger’s game? You guessed it; Raiders gear. Lakers game? Yup, right again; Raiders gear. I went to a funeral recently and guess what I saw? If you said Raiders gear, you’re wrong but I’m sure someone thought about wearing a Raider jersey or shirt because they needed something black to wear.

As a standup comedian, I wear my jersey on stage in front of hundreds of people and I wear it proudly. I am positive the Raiders super fans are not about to put away the gorilla suit, the shoulder pads with spikes, the eye patches or the silver and black face paint any time soon. And I’m sure we’ll see our version of Santa Claus and have a Raider Christmas in July.

In fact, I’m going to buy a pair of Raiders pajamas just so I can dream of our team hoisting the Lombardi trophy in 2013 while I celebrate with all the Raiderettes in a hot tub. That sounds awesome…and winning a Super Bowl in 2013 would be great too. GO RAIDERS!!

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