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Raiders 2011 player salaries against the cap

It is well documented at this point that the Raiders are well above the new $120 million salary cap. Even though the cap is really more like $127 million, Al Davis and Co. have a lot of work to do restructuring contracts to get below that new cap. Here are the highest paid Raider players.

Richard Seymour: $15 mil. He was signed this offseason to a two year contract with $15 million guaranteed. All of that $15 million is to be paid this season. The Raiders will make every attempt to restructure Seymour’s new contract to spread that $15 million hit over both years of his contract.

Kamerion Wimbley: $11.3 mil. He carries a high salary due to the fact that the Raiders were forced to make him the franchise player. What they will attempt to do is sign him long term to reduce the cap hit this season. If they are successful, it would be the most significant reduction of team salary.

Stanford Routt: $10 mil. He was another of the re-signed free agents this offseason. He could see the inside of Al Davis’ office again in the coming days in the hopes of restructuring his new contract. This contract was put together out of desperation to ensure he didn’t become a free agent. Now they will be able to finagle it a bit to make it more sensible. Some bonus money seems in order.

Darren McFadden: $7 mil. He has earned the faith of the Raider team and will at very least see a reconstructed contract. There is a possibility he will be offered a new, longer contract but that doesn’t mean he would accept it.

Tommy Kelly: $5.5 mil. I fully expect him to get a restructured deal. He was the highest paid defensive tackle in the NFL when he signed this deal. The Raiders have taken care of him and he will do what he can to reduce his salary cap hit this season.

Jason Campbell: $4.5 mil. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the Raiders sign him to a long term deal. It would raise his overall salary but be backloaded to save them money this season.

Shane Lechler: $3.2 mil. I get the feeling Lechler’s deal won’t be messed with. But it could happen.

Chris Johnson: $3.2 mil. I do expect CJ will get a restructure, though without some sizable bonuses and backloaded money, he may not go for it. If Nnamdi Asomugha is not re-signed, CJ will be a starter and his money will pale in comparison to that of Stanford Routt ($10 mil).

Sebastian Janikowski: $2.6 mil. The Raiders have probably the most expensive kicker/punter duo in the NFL. I have a feeling Seabass will restructure.

Cooper Carlisle: $2.5 mil. He may be the one outright cap casualty of the current Raiders under contract. He is a good guard and should find work quickly, especially on a zone blocking team.

John Henderson: $2.5 mil. Henderson is in the twilight of his career and is little more than a reserve at this point. But he is a great reserve. He can still perform at a high level in short bursts. He received this deal this offseason and I don’t see much happening to change it. But we’ll see.

Hiram Eugene: $2 mil. One of the more surprising deals signed by the Raiders this offseason. His contract was partially insurance for the loss of Michael Huff and partially to send a message. Hard to say what will happen with this contract. Possibly nothing.

Daniel Loper: $1.9 mil. He is the projected starter at left guard, replacing Robert Gallery. His salary is pretty friendly for a starter. That is providing the team doesn’t sign a guard in free agency.

Kyle Boller: $1.25 mil. Signed a one year deal to back up Jason Campbell. His deal probably won’t change.

Darrius Heyward-Bey: $1 mil. He has an incentive laden deal with most of his $23.5 million guaranteed having paid out already. His contract is very cap friendly this season compared to his other seasons.

All other contracts for 2011 are under seven figures.

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