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Raiders add FBs Neal and Russell

The Raiders have infused some serious competition to the backfield Friday with the signing of Veteran FB Lorenzo Neal and RB Gary Russell.

Neal is well known throughout his 16 year career for blocking for some of the best running backs in NFL. He has been to many pro bowls but is near the end of his career. He will compete with Oren O’Neal and Luke Lawton to either start or add some valuable depth at the full back position.

Russell has largely served in spot duties throughout his journeyman career. With the last two of those seasons spent with the Steelers. In 12 games in 2008, he rushed 28 times for 77 yards and three touchdowns. He is mainly used as a short yardage and goal line. He most likely will not make the team unless there is an injury in training camp.

Tom Cable had this to say about the acquistion of Lorenzo Neal:

“I think he definitely fits the scheme. The experience he brings can help mold those young fullbacks that are in there. That guy has proven over time that he probably can run any run sheme in the NFL because he’s been in them all and been very good. I’m not sure there’s been as good a lead blocker in football in the last 15 or 20 years than that guy. And it’s been documented by a lot of people. I’m glad he’s on our team and I am glad we got him and he definitely fits. When you watched him last year in Baltimore he definitely has a lot left. So how much can he be the every down guy? We’ll find out.”