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Raiders aren’t alone in trying bizarre onside kick

Yesterday versus the Cowboys, the Raiders tried an onside kick attempt that I've not seen before, in which the ball is placed next to the tee and kicked in a manner to make it spin instead of getting it airborne like the traditional kick.

The onside attempt did not work, with the Dallas "hands" team easily scooping up the ball.

It turns out, the Raiders are not the only team to attempt this unorthodox kicking strategy. The Titans have used it twice this year, neither time working for them, either.

In this ESPN article, Titans head coach Mike Munchak explains the thought process behind the kick, saying, "“It was supposed to be hard to handle the way he kicked it with the spin."

The same is true of the Raiders' attempt, as well. Neither have had success with this kick and if yesterday's result is any indication, teams should stick to a traditional kick in which the height of the ball can give the recovery team more time to get down field and, if luck allows, recover the ball.

Hopefully this kick strategy goes the way of the Dodo.