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Raiders coaching staff creating a buzz

I have been pleasantly surprised with the moves the Raiders have made in the coaching staff this offseason, whether that be the many coaching additions or the additions by subtraction — Rob-Ryan.

But little did I know, and certainly little did I expect, they would generate such a positive response from around the sports world.

We are all extremely quick to point out those media outlets that spew negative press about the Raiders, or what we call “Raider haters.” So now that I have been taken aback by the good press in regards to the Raider coaching staff, it is only proper that we take notice of that as well.

The latest bit of good press came from Realscouts via SportingNews.com.

They have the Raiders’ John Marshall ranked as the 12th highest rated defensive coordinator in the NFL. This ranking is six spots higher than the Raiders former defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan, who is ranked 18th.

This is what they say about John Marshall:

Marshall, who comes to Oakland after a six-year stint as Mike Holmgren’s defensive coordinator in Seattle, is all about pressure. The Seahawks were among the most prolific pass-rush teams in recent seasons, thanks to a strong outside rush and quick, gap-shooting tackles. He likes to mix coverages and formations, so versatility in the front seven is critical. There is talent on the Raiders’ roster, so don’t be surprised to see more success in ‘09.”

Imagine that! High praise for Marshall and even a compliment to the Raiders defensive roster at the end there. I hope they are onto something.

Another article by Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News came out the same day which credits Marshall and his coaching skills.