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Raiders contact sports agent about GM position

Ever since Al Davis passed away last Saturday, there has been speculation as to if the Raiders will hire a General Manager. And if so, who? Several names have arisen as many try to find the person who would fit the job. You can add one more name to that list: NFL agent Rob London.

The Raiders have contacted the agent about the possibility of becoming the Raiders’ next General Manager according to a source as reported by Mike Cardano of Roto Experts.

London has an impressive resume for a guy who is just 37 years of age. He is Vice President at Dow Lohnes Law Firm in Washington DC. Prior to that he had also worked in the financial sector as an analyst.

London’s firm represents notable NFL players such as Maurice Jones-Drew, Matt Forte, Antoine Bethea, Kendall Hunter, and Tyrod Taylor among others.

Not only does he have the experience needed to draw up and examine contracts, but he also has a football background. He played running back at Delaware State University and later was a college coach as well. He also served front office positions with the Falcons and the Cardinals.

His list of clients show that he is good talent evaluator. He also takes great care in choosing high character guys as well.

In August of 2010, the Huffington Post did a piece on Robert London and his agency. In the piece, the firm was praised for making all the right moves getting his clients seen favorably by the fan bases of potential drafting teams. He used the example of Donovan McNabb getting booed on draft night as an example of something that would not happen to one of his clients.

As the Huffington Post writes:

“London isn’t just a new type of agent; he’s pretty much the only one of his kind. He is a vice president at Dow Lohnes, a 92-year-old nationally recognized law firm known more for its respected business law expertise than its extravagant Super Bowl parties (they don’t have one).”

His firm is known for their small clientele and their personal relationships with their clients. Does that sound familiar? No, I am not talking about Jerry Maguire. I am speaking of Al Davis. No one was more known for personal relationships with players than Al Davis. That is what the Raiders are used to having and that is what they are no doubt looking for in a GM.

London is also known for seeking out clients who are not only talented but solid character guys off the field. That is the new philosophy of the Raiders under new head coach Hue Jackson.

“If we don’t sit with you and outline our unique business model, you may never know that this exists,” says London. “We put this large investment in our players because we want to be their business law firm for 30 years, not just the five or seven years for the time they’re an NFL player.”

Huffington Post goes on to say:

“His clients all fit a certain mold that London and Bakari target: strong players on the field, and strong character men with good families off the field. It’s rare in today’s NFL for an agent to be able to rattle off more charitable works than arrests from his roster of talent; the Dow Lohnes clientele can do that and more.”

From everything I have seen, Robert London may just be the perfect choice to fill the Raiders’ GM position. And he is a young phenom, too. Just as Al Davis has been known to pluck from obscurity.

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