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Raiders FA failures honored by NFL Network

On today’s episode of NFL Total Access on the NFL Network, they closed the show with the top ten free agent disappointments of all time. The Raiders were well represented on the list being named three times.

#10 Desmond Howard-1997

Desmond Howard had won the Super Bowl MVP trophy the season before with Green Bay, and the Raiders lured him to Oakland with a big contract and promises that he would be used as a wide receiver. In two years he caught six passes for 46 yards. He had two punt returns for touchdowns in 98. However, he never lived up to the hype that accompanied his signing and he was released prior to the 1999 season.

#2 Larry Brown-1996

Like Howard, Brown had been the Super Bowl MVP and he signed a big contract to play in Oakland. His career in Oakland would be summed up by an exchange he had with Al Bundy on an episode of Married With Children. Al, “That bum O’Donnell threw those passes right to you on those picks.” Brown, “I know that, you know that, but Disneyland and the Raiders don’t.” Brown participated in 12 games with one start in two years. In his final year, he was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team, before being cut.


#1 Javon Walker-2008

Walker was part of the Raiders disastrous 2008 campaign. He signed a contract that was scoffed at by most experts, and he only delivered 15 catches in nine games. In 2009 he was only active for three games despite being recovered from his surprise offseason surgery.

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