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Raiders just cutting it loose

The Oakland Raiders have a chance to get key players back over the bye week. Cable also restated that they are still not where they want to be.

Throughout the season Cable has repeatedly said that the team needs to “just cut it loose<” which he explained means, “stop worrying and have fun with it.”

Cable said that the difference with Jason Campbell between the early part of the season and his recent performance has been his ability to “cut it loose.” He said that he was impressed by Campbell’s management of the two minute drill how he was always “on-time,” and for the first time indicated that he was “leaning towards” Campbell being the starter after the bye even if Gradkowski is back healthy.

On the injury front, he expected nearly everybody who has been injured to come back healthy. Wide out Chaz Schilens is expected to be back on the practice field next week, but Cable was unsure if he would be ready to take the field against the Steelers after having missed the entire season thus far.

Cable reiterated that “The playoffs are our goal,” but that the team is not there yet. “We can get better.”

He refused to be pinned down to anything specific in regards to the officiating in Sunday’s game, but he did say, “There are a number of things we are going to turn in (to the league.)” He said it was the biggest file so far this season, and clarified that the league said safety Stevie Brown should have had the touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks.