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Raiders kick tires on LB McKillop

The Raiders have not been able to keep any depth at the middle linebacker this season. They lost Travis Goethel for the season in training camp. Then they signed former Raider Ricky Brown only to see him lost for the season with injury as well. Today they brought in former 49er inside linebacker Scott McKillop to fill the role.

McKillop was drafted by the 49ers in the fifth round of the 2009 draft. He was an inside linebacker in San Francisco’s 3-4 defense, where he competed as the backup to Patrick Willis and Takeo Spikes. He was well on his way when he tore his left ACL and patellar tendon during the 2010 training camp.

Now over a year later, the Raiders are checking to see if he has fully recovered. When fully healthy, he has the potential to make solid contributions. His final season at Pitt, he recorded 151 tackles form the middle linebacker spot. It was the third highest single season tackle total in Pitt history and earned him Big East defensive player of the year.

If the Raiders discover he is healthy, it would be a great find for them. Rolando McClain has been hobbled with a foot injury the past few weeks and during that time, the defense suffered from the lack of a solid presence in the middle. Weak side linebacker Darryl Blackstock stepped in and was outmatched by Tim Tebow and the Broncos’ zone read offense. The team does not want to find themselves in that position again.

No word yet on how well McKillop performed in the workouts. We will find out shortly if we see him suited up at practice or not.

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