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Raiders lose to Seahawks 21-3, so what?

The final game of the 2012 preseason is in the books for the Raiders, a sloppy, ugly loss to the Seattle Seahawks in which the Raiders gained a total of only 101 yards in the game.

So what does the loss mean for the 2012 season?  Fortunately, not much.  This game was never about winning but about seeing who would step up and make a last push for the game.

The Raiders depth was put to the test and was found wanting but the starters never really played in the game and therefore this game does not indicate how the team will do in the regular season.

S & B (Standouts & Breakdowns):

-Nathan Stupar – the rookie is very much a bubble player but he helped his cause with 11 tackles (6 solo) and 1 sack.  He looked very active playing 3rd team MLB.  He seems likely to be, at worst, a practice squad player and may have earned a spot onto the team with high motor play.

-Dominique Hamilton – his stat line doesn’t tell the story as Hamilton only had two tackles in the game.  He showed good push and was able to collapse his side of the pocket several times to blow up run or pass plays.  He generated the push & collapsed the pocket on Stupar’s sack.

-Christo Bilukidi – the raw but talented Bilukidi played most of the game, starting at DT because both Seymour and Kelly did not play and continuing to get reps.  He showed good presence in many of the plays and continues to flash the skills that Reggie McKenzie saw when he drafted the relatively unknown Bilukidi.

-Bryan McCann – the returner stood out by keeping a hold onto the ball (see below) and also provided a very solid punt return late in the game that set up the Raiders only score.  A bubble player before last night, he may have played his way into a final roster spot.

-Joseph Barksdale & Tony Bergstrom – the second & third team offensive lines were completly dominated in almost every snap by the Seahawks defensive line backups.  Both Barksdale and Bergstrom are expected to make the final roster but neither had a good night.

-Roscoe Parrish & Coye Francies – the two returners were signed after both being cut earlier in the week.  Both have a history of solid returns with Parrish especially being known for it.  Both struggled mightily when given their chances, however.  Parrish fumbled two punts, losing one.  Francies added a fumble of his own.  Neither looks likely to make the squad at this point.