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Raiders new QB Derek Carr already showing his leadership skills

When the Raiders drafted QB Derek Carr with the 36th pick of the draft, it was because they saw the necessary characteristics of a franchise quarterback in him. One of Carr’s biggest strengths is that he is a vocal leader – something that I find important at the quarterback position.

Once drafted, Carr began to reach out to the other rookies, as their names were called, via Twitter to welcome them onto the team and encourage them to work.

While this is  relatively simply and innocuous thing to do, not many players do it. The best leaders are willing to put themselves out there and start building the team around them.

Like Schaub did by taking the entire offense out to dinner, recently, Carr is already starting to insert himself into the team as a leader – someone the rest of the team will follow and look to to see how to act and behave.

The quarterback must be the leader on the offense. If he is not, the team will most likely fail – it’s as simple as that. It can only be a positive that Carr is an outspoken leader and is already building a group of guys around him that will be influenced by his work ethic and drive to win.


1st round selection Khalil Mack:


3rd round selection Gabe Jackson:


4th round selection Justin Ellis:


4th round selection Keith McGill:


*** The two were on the Senior Bowl South squad, which won the game 20 to 10.


7th round selection TJ Carrie:


7th round selection: Shelby Harris:


7th round selection Jonathan Dowling:


Note that Carr reached out first in all of these cases – he took the lead and the initiative to reach out to every other draft pick made by the Raiders and, with only a couple of exceptions, he mentioned going to work to each of them.

With the exception of Carson Palmer, the Raiders have not had the necessary combination of skill and leadership at the quarterback position since Rich Gannon.

Again, this is a simple step and not something that will make or break anything. But, as first steps go, it’s a good sign.