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Raiders projected to have NFL’s toughest schedule in 2014

Largely due to the success of the AFC West, the Raiders are projected to have the toughest schedule in the NFL next season.

The Raiders, who have to play two games apiece against their AFC West rivals, all of whom made the playoffs in 2013, also have to play against the AFC East and the NFC West next season.

This conference assignment is based on a rotation and has been known years in advance. What changes year to year is the strength of each conference and the Raiders happen to play a number of strong teams next year.

In fact, the Raiders will be facing off against all four of the Conference finalists from 2013 – they play the Broncos twice, of course, but also will play the New England Patriots, the San Francisco 49ers and the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks in 2014.

Outside of the AFC West, the NFC West and the AFC East, the Raiders will play at the Cleveland Browns and will host the Houston Texans in 2014. Those two teams are the only two teams that are weren't known until the end of December as they were added to the Raiders slate based upon Oakland's poor finish in 2013.

Here is a list of the Raiders’ 2014 opponents:



Denver Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs

San Diego Chargers

Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins

Houston Texans

Arizona Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers



Denver Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs

San Diego Chargers

New England Patriots

New York Jets

Cleveland Browns

St. Louis Rams

Seattle Seahawks