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Raiders release 2012 Raiderette swimsuit calendar

The Oakland Raiders held their annual Raiderette swimsuit calendar release party on Sunday. Last season the event was held at the Fox Theatre, but this year, they went with logistics and held the event on the day of the Raiders’ third preseason game and about 20 feet away from the coliseum in the Oracle Arena Courtside Club.

The Raiderettes were all on hand to stand proudly next to displays of the month they appear in the newest calendar. None of them had seen their page before today.

After a few minutes of photo opportunities, it was time for new Raiderette director, Jeanette Thompson to unveil, the front and back covers of the popular calendar. Being part of Football’s Fabulous Females was an opportunity of which quite a few first time Raiderettes had long dreamt. Chenel, who was co-Miss March along with Sarah, was one such first timer. For her, as for the others, this was a surreal experience.

“I can’t even describe it,” said Chenel. “There’s so many fans. You’re just knotted in your stomach. We have to adapt to your nerves. All the fans are just cheering you on and supporting you.”

It was another first for Director Jeanette Thompson. She has been involved with the Raider organization for nearly 15 years. The Raiders’ return to Oakland in 1995 was her first season as a Raiderette. She remained a Raiderette for an astounding 10 seasons. From there she has been the face of the Raiders’ “Behind the Shield.” Now she returns to her first love as the Raiderette Director.

“This is my first season,” said Jeanette. “Last season we had a new director, but she wasn’t able to stay with the team, so myself and a couple of other people within the Raider organization just maintained for last year. So you could kind of call me an interim director, and this year is actually my first season.”

The calendar features the Raiderettes in all-white swimsuits. Each month has two or three Raiderettes on the pages. The calendars go on sale today.

Now it’s time to get to this third preseason game.

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