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Raiders sign Walter McFadden

The Oakland Raiders came to terms with fifth round draft pick Walter McFadden. He is the third of the Raiders 2010 draft class to put his signature to paper.

The Raiders have their third, one of their fourth, and their fifth round picks inked. The remainder of the third day picks should have their deals done in no time. Jacoby Ford (4th round), Travis Goethel (6th round), Jeremy Ware (7th round), and Stevie Brown (7th round compensatory) are the ones who remain in this category.

Second round pick Lamarr Houston will be a bit more of a challenge, in that agents will likely try to use the new format to inflate dollar values for their clients based on the new three day draft situation. However, it should be done without a hitch.

The test will be Rolando McClain as both sides in the labor dispute may be lining up to use the first round picks as pawns for their side. However, as I have said repeatedly, the Raiders have a long history of getting their draft picks in camp on time when they are not sipping the Purple Drank.

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