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Raiders-specific mock draft, by @raiderdraftnik

2012 Raiders-Specific mock draft, by @raiderdraftnik

This article is the work of Tyler Dickson, who is an avid follower of college football and a Raiders fan.  You can follow him on Twitter
@raiderdraftnik for his thoughts on players as we lead up to the draft.

This is a Raider-Specific mock draft but for a 3 round mock draft from Tyler that shows the players selected before the Raiders get to their first pick, click here.

Player:                             Pick:       Overview:

Josh Kaddu
Height:6ft 3
Weight:249 lbs


3rd rd

Strengths: Kaddu has the frame you like  in a Linebacker – strong with long arms.Gifted athlete with good closing and sideline to sideline speed. Physical player that enjoys the game high-motor guy with some pass rush ability.Sheds his blocks well and has a bit of ‘nasty’ in his tackles.

Weakness: Production concerns me as his numbers do not show a 3-year starter’s production.Plays too aggressive sometimes and overpurses or goes for big hit and misses.Coverage can be suspect at times.Needs to Beef up to put up with level of NFL.

Summary: I would love this pick  as I think Kaddu can turn into a Pro-Bowl player and the Raiders would benefit from a pick like this also even though they added Phillip Wheeler, I think they still go Linebacker with first pick for depth and we don’t know what will happen to Rolando McClain and if he’ll be suspended.He has little to no character concerns and no injury problems playing  two full seasons as starter.

Jake Bequette
Height:6ft 5
Weight:274 lbs


4th rd

Strengths: The first thing that jumps out at me from Bequette is his motor; this boy flat out plays to the whistle. Shows nice awareness at the snap to get off and head straight for the ball, usually using a bull rush where he uses a quick first step and burst plus his strength to get by blocker, can make tackles seem outmatched at times.Led SEC in sacks in 2011. Plays the run well, setting the edge for LB’s to make the play. He plays like a Raider plays with ‘Attitude’.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t have the ‘Elite’ get off of a top prospect i’d say good but not great.Not a top athlete,average agility and tight-hipped,seems he’ll be limited to few pass-rush moves because of it.In run game he can be driven on to his heels which puts him down on ground a little to often,also needs to tackle a little better can fall off at times.

Summary: The Raiders need to add some more bodies on the DL and at this time the Raiders don’t have many to choose from I think the Raiders go Nose-tackle next year if they want to move to 3-4  but now they need some rotation for their DL preferably  a natural pass rusher, people may say what about Defensive-tackle but  you can move Bryant or Houston in if need be.I love the way he plays and his motor is terrific.Was a team leader at arkansas has zero character concerns and is coming off a shoulder injury but only missed 4 games in 4 seasons.

Tom Compton
OT South Dakota
Height:6ft 5
Weight:315 lbs


5th rd

Strengths: Great run blocker with good strength and leverage to push the defender back,shows good agility in run game also.Good use off his hands in pass-protection bends his knees and drives the defender away from backfield.Plays with the mean streak you like in a Line-men has a solid frame to back it up.

Weaknesses: Played in FCS, so has not played against elite competition. Can get confused by movement on the line forgetting his assignment and letting defenders past.Doesn’t have the quickness to deal with speed rushers and might have to move inside.

Summary: With the trade of Bruce Campbell the Raiders have to shore up the line with some depth and I also think he’ll fit in well in ZBS, Compton was team leader has no character concerns and no injury concerns missing 1 game in four seasons.

Vontaze Burfict
LB,Arizona State
Height:6ft 1


5th rd

Strengths: First round potential when his instincts drive and awareness are on. Plays faster then his numbers suggest. Ferocious Hitter. Can blow past blockers at times as a pass rusher also finds good gaps. Demon against the run stops people in the middle and finds nice gaps to bring down runner outside. Was the best in passing coverage drills at nike camp 3 years ago but hasn’t translated that to plays on the field yet.

Weaknesses: Undrafted potential when his instincts, drive and awareness are off. Did not have a good combine – numbers were among the worst and most DL had better numbers. Too aggressive at times attracts too many flags on the field for late hits. Doesn’t have a lot of pass rush moves using aggression over technique. Pass coverage very average.

Summary:This too me is a low risk/high reward pick. When he plays full tilt and has inspiration, he could be world-class talent. If not, he plays like a chump. Reggie has shown he’ll give players with bad history a chance so I think him grabbing Burfict is possible. Major character concerns with bad interviews in which he threw his team and coaches under the bus after leaving team and he still shows lack of discipline on field. No injury concerns.

James Hanna
TE Oklahoma
Height:6ft 3


6th rd

Strengths: Good catch awareness but didn’t get used by Oklahoma as much in that capacity. Natural hand catcher. Sets the edge in the run game. Great combine putting up receiver like numbers.

Weaknesses: Not a good route runner has to work on it at next level. Haven’t seen him make a ‘special’ catch. Needs to refine technique when run blocking and can get dominated at times because of no technique. Will not be able to be 1-1 with NFL defender in run game.

Summary: With the Raiders losing Boss, I think they need another proper Tight-end. 2nd year player David Ausberry was a WR in college. That leaves two natural Tight-ends, Brandon Myers and Richard Gordon, on the team so this is a pure developmental pick that could work in Raiders favor. Hana has zero injury concerns and character concerns.

Summary on mock draft:
The Raiders have very few picks and it is hard to know if some of these players will fall to the Raiders or if they would be selected, even if available. I’m going off what I see when I scouted and the players I think suit the Raiders the best and Ihope they are there at the time of those picks. Obviously, there are also other players I would choose over some of these players, but I expect those particular players to be gone, which has gone into these selections. I hope you enjoyed my first Raiders mock draft and hope to do more in the future.  Let me know what you think on Twitter – the link is at the top of this page.