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Raiders tenders coming in

The news of the tenders for the restricted free agents has been trickling out of 1220 Harbor Bay Parkway. Chris Morris, Stanford Routt, and Kirk Morrison have now been tendered. There has been no word as of yet on Thomas Howard.

Chris Morris was tendered with an original round tender, which pays him slightly more than a million dollars and entitles the Raiders to a seventh round pick if he is signed elsewhere, which is not likely. This gives the the Raiders the rights on first refusal on the center-guard reserve player.

Kirk Morrison was given an original round tender, as well. This will pay him $2.5 million dollars or allow the Raiders to receive a third round pick as compensation. This likely means that he is not considered a priority for the Raiders long term.

Stanford Routt was given the highest tender available. He will receive 3.24 million as a result or the Raiders will receive a first and a third round pick if he signs with another team. That is a pretty big if considering that Routt was originally a second round pick, and has not been a starter during his time in Oakland.

Thomas Howard is the remaining high profile restricted free agent, and there has not been word of a tender offered to him.

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