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Raiders to move as trade deadline approaches: Guest Writer

Tuesday, October 20th, marks the trade deadline in the NFL, so let’s explore what Raiders may be on the block and what trades could help the Raiders now…

Kirk Morrison

This fifth year linebacker couldn’t make a run stop if his life depended on it. He is a huge weakness to a Raiders defense that is prone to giving up big plays. If they don’t have Morrison in the middle over-pursuing, getting blocked down, and missing tackles (as well as making them too far down-field), that could benefit them. With Ricky Brown out for possibly the entire season, a trade involving Morrison would likely only happen if the Raiders could bring in another line backer to replace him.

One such middle linebacker type could be Derrick Johnson of the Chiefs. He is rumored to be on the trading block in Kansas City . He is set to become a free agent after the season so the chiefs would like to get something in return for him.

Chiefs are probably the lone AFC West team that would be willing to trade with Oakland, so if there are any Shawn Merriman hopefuls out there I’d rest your hopes on something else.

Barret Rudd in Tampa Bay is an attracting option too. The Bucs are 0-5, and nothing seems to be going right for them. Rudd is in the last year of his contract, and like Johnson is set to become a free agent after the season. Exploring a trade for either of these linebackers would be beneficial, because if they do produce, the Raiders may not have to draft more linebackers in the 2010 NFL draft. Either Johnson or Rudd would be an upgrade over Morrison, and they wouldn’t need to learn much as the Raiders defense is a basic four man rush with man-to-man on the outside.

Javon Walker

You’re probably asking yourself, who would take him? Well, honestly I don’t know, or care. The guy is riding the bench for no known reason after getting paid over $20 million already from the Raiders. If the Raiders want to get ANYTHING out of the whole Walker deal, they ought to dangle him for a late draft pick and cut their losses.

Dream Trades:

Tommy Kelly and/or next year’s 1st round pick for Darnell Dockett (the Raiders may be better off trading 2010’s first rounder for an established player with how well they have been doing with top 10 picks). Kelly is hot and cold. Dockett is always hot.

Kirk Morrison for Karlos Dansby. Morrison is a stand-up punching bag for offensive-lineman. Dansby is a brick wall they have to try and block, and hits harder than any player the Raiders have.

— AJ DeMello, TFDS Guest Contributor