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Raiders trade for QB Campbell from Redskins
Washington Redskins v San Diego Chargers

Last week the Washington Post reported that the Redskins had lowered their demands in a trade for Jason Campbell. They were now asking for a low round pick which was expected to be a round 6 or 7 selection.

I pondered this deal last week and added : “The torn pectoral muscle of Bruce Gradkowski prompted the Raiders to sign free agent QB Kyle Boller but that in no way removes the possibility that they could send a late round pick to the Redskins in exchange for Campbell…If the Raiders get past the fifth round of the draft without drafting a QB, I would expect this deal to happen.”

Well, the Raiders got through the fifth round without a QB and almost immediately made the deal to get Campbell. They send a 2012 (yes, two years from now), 4th round pick to the Redskins to acquire Campbell. This immediately solves any issues the Raiders may have had going into next season as well as sends a clear message that they are moving on from JaMarcus Russell.

Campbell was a decent starting quarterback for the Redskins. His stats have gone up every single year he has been in the league and he hasthrown 55 TD to 38 interceptions.He will immediatelybring competition for the starting job in Oakland. At very least he will be a solid backup behind Gradkowski should he be fully healthy come next season and can win the job back.

UPDATE: The Raiders have extended the contract of Jason Campbell through 2011. The extension is for $4.5 million.