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Raiders won’t be saying “Hello Jerry”

It looks like all the rumors flying around about Jerry Porter coming back to the Raiders were about as unfounded as…well just about every rumor regarding Raider aquisitions (see John Gruden coming back for a second stint).

This particular rumor, seemed to me to have almost as much chance of happening as Mike Shanahan returning to the Raiders. Usually the team keeps everything very close to the vest but it seems that there is really no harm in being completely honest about their intentions, or in the case; the lack thereof, in regards to bringing back Jerry Porter.

Porter spent his first eight NFL seasons with the Raiders. He bolted for free agency last season, hopeful of receiving a huge contract and the starring role he never received with the Raiders.

While Porter received the money he was looking for, the Jaguars soon learned what the Raiders had in 2007; that not only is Porter no longer is a productive player but he also comes with plenty of baggage.

After his release from the Jaguars, Porter informed his agent, Joel Segal, to field offers the first week of free agency and see where they stacked up against one from one he expected to receive from the Raiders.

At that point, Porter told Segal to work out a deal with the Raiders as long as their offer was comparable to any received from other teams.

Several Raiders officials confirmed that coach Tom Cable and Davis spoke about the prospect of bringing back Porter and agreed that it isn’t such a good idea. Including one statement that said plainly, “Not going to happen,” a team official said, “Nope. Nuh-uh. No.”

It doesn’t get much more clear than that.