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Random thoughts ffrom the dark side: Training camp approaches

Well guys, I just got the information from the Raiders today for next week’s training camp. I have also submitted my requests for game credentials, so I can be the eye in the sky, and bring you guys the best possible coverage of the “Team of the Decades.”

Hopefully, you have noticed that Rob, Dizzle, and I have been ramping up the action around here in recent weeks. We expect to be firing on all cylinders here (Think classic TransAm not current hybrid) come camp and into the season.


  • ESPN ’sports babe’ Erin Andrews gets ’secretly’ filmed in the nude and that story trumps Ben Roethlisberger’s allegedly sexually assaulting a woman.
  • Kobe Bryant is saying “some guys get all the luck.”
  • Over on examiner, I created the All-50 Raiders team. That was a cool experience.
  • Ronald Curry was traded to the Rams before playing a single game. Go figure.
  • People get too up in arms over the Madden rankings. It is only a video game.
  • Maybe its just me, but the Raiders are awfully young at wide receiver.
  • Frantz Joseph is a really cool guy, and I hated to see him cut. However, the outcry from the Raider Nation over the release of an undrafted free agent was crazy. I do wish Joseph well wherever he lands.
  • Stay tuned to TFDS for Raider News all through camp and into the season.