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Richard Seymour: I always was a Raider fan

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Breathe easy Raider Nation.  Richard Seymour will be in uniform Monday night and for the foreseeable future.  While there won’t be any contract talks for now, Al Davis was sure to clarify that, “He’s on a contract for one year, and we’ll do what’s right, when the time comes.

Seymour, Davis, and Coach Tom Cable all took the stage for a media session this evening and rather than give you an article full of quotes, we thought we’d do you one better by embedding the video right here for you.  Some of what’s not in the video, such as Davis’ opening remarks, will be posted right here.

Al Davis:

Thank you very much, John Herrera. Thank you for coming. Thank the networks. It’ll help your shows tomorrow, you’ll finally get some ratings Sunday morning. This is another great day in the history of the Oakland Raiders. Through the years, we have been able to, through trades, bring in several great players who performed in great games, performed in Super Bowls, were put in the hall of Fame after they had played for the Raiders for several years.

To bring you up to date, for example, in 1975 we traded for Ted Hendricks. We traded two first-round draft choices for Ted to the Green Bay Packers, and Ted played in three Super Bowls for us that we one, was instrumental and is in the hall of Fame. In 1977, we gave up a first round draft choice for Mike McCoy, because John Madden at that time felt that we needed a big defensive tackle, and gave it up to Green Bay. Once again we traded with Green Bay, and he was a great help to us. In 1983 we made a great trade with the New England Patriots for Mike Haynes. He was 30 years old, but we gave up a first and a second draft choice, with the idea that we were a great team; he could make us probably the greatest, or one of the greatest teams of all time, which he did. We have others. A few years ago, I gave up a first-round draft choice, a seventh-round draft choice and Napoleon Harris for the great Randy Moss. We have always made trades: Lyle Alzado, Kenny King, down through the years. You have to do that, in my way of thinking, to be a great organization, and to have great teams.

I’m not going to touch on exactly what happened–I will afterwards. But we’re proud now for the Raider fans, for the Raider team, for the Raider organization, to welcome Richard Seymour, a great player, from the New England Patriots. And I want to state this from the very beginning, and let him tell you, let Coach Cable tell you, there was never–and I can give you a little idea of the trade, but that we won’t do right now–but it was never any doubt that Richard wanted to play for the Raiders. He grew up being a Raider fan. There was never any doubt that he wanted to play for the Raiders. With that, I turn it over to Richard, let Richard go and talk to you, and then Coach Cable, and then we’ll certainly answer any questions.

And here is Richard Seymour: