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Richard Seymour wants to help rebuild Raiders
NFL: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders


When Ricahrd Seymour was acquired from the New England Patriots immediately prior to the start of the regular season, the talk around the league was that Seymour was trying to avoid the Raiders. He took several days from the date of the reported trade before he reported to the Raiders facility in Alameda and the speculation flew. He not only reported to the Raiders in time to play in the Monday night opener, he was a factor in that game with two sacks.

With Seymour’s contract expiring at the end of this season, the talk has once again turned as to whether or not Seymour wants to be a Raider. It seemed to be an accepted truth that since Seymour came from the vaunted Patriots that he had to hate being with the Raiders. In an interview with WEEI Boston via sportsradiointerviews.com, Seymour contradicted that incorrect assertion “I mean I really enjoy putting on that silver and black. As a player , you know a lot of the guys I have talked to in the league say ‘oh man the uniforms and the mystique of the Raiders’, you know just being a nasty hard hitting team.”

Seymour even went on record as saying that he wanted to remain a Raider. He said, “I would like to re-sign out in Oakland because I think when you can become a foundation piece and help turn an organization around, I mean that’s a challenge to me. That’s something where I am willing to take on that responsibility and that challenge. You know help being part of the beginning with some good guys that really can make a difference…if they came up to me with a deal and said hey this is what we are trying to do and you will be a foundation piece, I don’t have a problem signing back with Oakland.”

So much for the prevailing wisdom that the Raiders are the team that players want to abandon at the first chance they get. He is the type of leader who can help lead the Raiders out of their darkness.


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