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Russell, Wimbley present in Alameda

After missing yesterday’s workout due to closing on a house back Louisiana, JaMarcus Russell was present for the second day of offseason workouts. Also making an appearance at the facility in Alameda to get started is recently acquired linebacker/defensive end Kamerion Wembley.

Russell’s absence yesterday became a firestorm of criticism due to his reputation as being a “lethargy addict,” and the net effect of him missing the first day was more symbolic than anything else. Apparently, unlike the final team meeting where he was in Las Vegas, this time Russell had personal business to attend to and was closing on a house back home.

There are reports that Russell is in much better shape and has changed his mechanics. This means more than the tempest in a teapot over him missing day one.

Kamerion Wembley made his first appearance in Alameda today. This will give the coaching staff a chance to start getting him acclimated to the Raiders system, as well as decide where the better place is for him as a defensive end or as a linebacker.

I will not get a chance to see them in action until the mandatory minicamp that takes place after the draft.

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