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Should the Raiders trade down on draft day

Every year, it seems that there is a chorus of fans who want the Raiders to trade down for more picks every year. This would seem to be a wise strategy as the Raiders have done much better with later picks than they have with first round picks.

David White of the San Franciso Chronicle indicates that there are offers on the table for their first round pick (number eight overall,) including offers that would give them a replacement for the 2011 pick they surrendered in the Richard Seymour deal. The question becomes which would have greater value, the first round pick or the multiple picks?

If one of the top two defensive tackles fall to the Raiders at eight, that would be a pick that they would need to make.

Barring that not very likely scenario, it is hard to see a player who wouldn’t be worth multiple selections. Rolando McClain would be a good addition. Since the combine, there has been much speculation about Bruce Campbell being the obvious choice, however neither one of them would be a hands down obvious choice.

Yet one more layer of smokescreens rising for Draft Day.

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