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Some Raider-Centric Quick Hits

Expect More Changes, Releases

Raiders’ GM Reggie McKenzie spoke to Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa Times and said that he’s been meeting with agents of existing Raiders players in an attempt to bring contracts in line.  McKenzie said, “We’re looking at some things,” McKenzie said. ”A lot of agents are in town, so we’re looking to sit down with some of these guys and work some things out. Without being specific, there are things we’ve got to get done and we’re in the process of doing that now. So yes, we can expect some things to happen.”


He also addressed the previous administrations’ tendency to put a lot of emphasis on the Combine results, saying, The combine will really just tell you what kind of athlete, not what kind of football player he is,” McKenzie said. “We’re not looking to grade these guys out as football players. We’re looking to grade them out on what kind of athletes they are, and medically.” He added, “You look at that and see what they do on film, and see if that correlates.”

Peyton in the AFC West?

According to ProFootballTalk.com, the Chiefs have had discussions with Tom Condon, Peyton Manning’s agent.  The Chiefs have salary cap money to be able to sign Manning and have a need at QB.  If healthy, Manning is obviously a big upgrade for the Chiefs.

New Info Soon

Dennis Allen is scheduled for a media window today.  Hopefully, he’ll have some good quotes and some insight on where they are intending to go with the team, this year.

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