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Still some cheap field level seats for Raiders vs Rams

The St Louis Rams come to town for the Raiders 2010 season home opener this Sunday. If you are looking to go to the game this weekend and don’t have a ticket yet, we have you covered. Darkside Tickets still has plenty of field level tickets for around $100 each. Many of those tickets are considerably below the average ticket price.

In addition to field level tickets, there are still a few 2nd deck seats available (although, not many) going for as low as $68 and 3rd deck tickets for as low as $43. Check out the Rams vs Raiders page on Darkside Tickets to see what I am talking about. As always, you can check the IQ rating to see if the ticket you are looking to purchase is a good deal and why. If the IQ icon in green, it’s a good deal. If it is grey, it is a neutral deal. And if it is red, it is considered a bad deal.

Prices are on the upswing as we get closer to the game so get yours soon. And as always, it is a safe buying experience and many of the tickets can be printed at home so there is no fear of buying too late. It is much safer and usually much less expensive than taking the risk of getting ripped off by a scalper.

And if you get a chance, head over to the TiqIQ facebook page and impart us with some of your knowledge to put in our Oakland Coliseum Survival Guide. This guide should be for the fans, by the fans so we need your help putting it together. Advice on food, travel, viewing, kids activities, souvenirs, etc. are all welcome. And you could win an Ebay gift card out of it. CLICK HERE to head over there.

We will continue to keep you up to date on tickets for all future Raider games at Darkside Tickets.

But for now, CLICK HERE for Rams vs Raider tickets. And enjoy the game.

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