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Submit your Raider Draft predictions!

Hey Raider fans, we would like to know who you think the Raiders will select in the
upcoming draft! Whether it is the first round, just a few rounds or all seven rounds.

Here’s how it works:

If you think you can predict who they will take in the draft, send us your predictions at picks@tfdssports.com. Whoever gets the most (or perhaps ANY) picks correctly, will be mentioned in a post draft article and get a “Draft Master” mention on our homepage which will stay up a month following the draft. We may even throw in a runner up if it is a close one. We will let you know that you won and shoot you an email to ask exactly how you would like to be credited on the homepage. Then it is bragging rights and your little piece of draft history as everyone who visits TFDS for the next month can see your accomplishment in all its “glory.” I know it ain’t much but it ain’t chop liver.

Keep in mind that THIS IS NOT A MOCK DRAFT SITUATION. No offense to the other 31 teams in the NFL but, we don’t care who the other teams will take– Just the Raiders.

No entry will be turned away. If you think the Raiders will trade a pick or many picks, put it in there; you just might be right. If you think the Raiders will choose Speedy McFasterson out of Overhype State, put it in there (I think I just won…wait I’m being told I am not eligible, CURSES!). If you think the Raiders will select a six pack of Coors Light and a box of Twinkies, put it in there (mmm…Twinkies). I think you get the picture.

We will continue to accept submissions right up until draft day. Here is that email address again to send it to:


Feel free to browse my most recent three round mock draft (hey, you might need a laugh):

Mock Draft 4.0: Rounds 1-3

Good luck everyone!