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Teams’ schedules released by NFL

The NFL announced the entire regular season schedule today.  While the Raiders 2012 opponents and which would be home or away have been known for some time, the schedule is the first chance for fans to find out the order of the games and also which games would be televised in prime time and where the bye week falls.

Here is a link to the Raiders schedule.

Of note, the Raiders opening game is the second game on a Monday Night Football Double header on ESPN on Sep 10th against San Diego at the Black Hole.

The team has their bye in week 5.  Only two teams – the Colts and the Steelers – are earlier in the season on week 4.

Every year there is much (too much) analysis about which games the teams are likely to win or lose.  This is an exercise in futility as teams change so much from year to year and injuries take their toll.

The Raiders, like every team that has aspirations of the Lombardi trophy, will need to stop worrying about the schedule and start worrying about executing regardless of the challenges in front of them.  Now that they know their first challenge, the Chargers, they can begin their quest for a 4th Super Bowl win.

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