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TFDS Predicts Oakland Raiders @ Seattle Seahawks

Terdell Sands is soon to be cut.

I am not big on the preseason prognostications, but to get ready for the regular season I am doing yet another preseason edition of TFDS predicts. Not even going to attempt to make a prediction at the final score. The starters are not going to play more than a series or two, if even that, so there is no baseline to compare anything to.

However, the key to this game will be the guys who are on the bubble coming up big to make that step up the depth chart to remain part of the team come the season opener. For several of them, this is their absolute last chance to impress the staff enough to continue living their NFL dream.

  • The Seahawks will have a running back have a huge game that will leave everyone reaching for their media guides. The Raiders will let up over two hundred yards total rushing yet again.
  • Louis Rankin and Gary Russell will split the vast majority of the carries at the halfback position, whilst Luke Lawton and Marcel Reece do the same at fullback. One or perhaps two of the four will make the final roster, so their play will be crucial to their future. Rankin will have the better day rushing, despite the Raiders throwing the ball at a 2-1 clip over passing.
  • As always, penalties will be problematic for the Raiders. They will get flagged 8-10 times. They would have more, but the officials are going to call the game lightly towards the end to just get the game over with.
  • At quarterback it will be the Charley Frye and Bruce Gradkowski show by the beginning of the second quarter. This is a tight competition. Gradkowski would seem to have a slight lead. Look for Frye to have a big game to try to stay with the Raiders.
  • Look for the “rotation” to once again keep Terdell Sands out of the game for a third straight week. He is as good as gone, and an injury would only force the Raiders to have to put him on the injured reserve and pay him or give him an injury settlement.