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TFDS predicts Saints at Raiders

It is the all important third preseason game. This is the one game that will provide a glimpse of what can be expected from the 2009 Oakland Raiders. The starters should play into the third quarter, and Tom Cable will have been putting together at least somewhat of a gameplan, rather than just planned who he wanted to evaluate.

Since this is the preseason, rather than predict the final outcome, as I will be doing in this space throughout the season, I have five in-game predictions.

  1. JaMarcus Russell plays only the first half. In that half, Russell does not throw a single interception. Zach Miller will catch at least three of Russell’s passes.
  2. The Oakland Raiders will allow one of the Saints running backs to amass 100 yards on the ground. In the post game press conference, Tom Cable will once again blame alow pad level.
  3. Michael Bush will have a strong performance, but won’t unseat Darren McFadden as the starter.
  4. Jerome Boyd will lead the Raiders in tackles for the game.
  5. Halftime score: New Orleans 14 Oakland 21