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TFDS Q&A with Ultimate NYG

I caught up with Andrew Furman, Giants sportswriter for UltimateNYG.com and asked him a few questions about the New York Giants as the Raiders head into the Meadowlands to face them.

Here is what he had to say:

Q1: How likely is it that Eli Manning plays against the Raiders? And if not, How do you feel about David Carr being the starter? 

A1: Eli says he will start. He’ll play through the pain and we’ll see how it goes.  I felt better about Carr until preseason this year, when he regressed and started holding onto the ball too long.  He is spry and can run for a 1st down.  He can certainly deliver the ball and knows the offense well now.  If he holds onto the ball a split second less he will be fine.

Q2: With Ahmad Bradshaw hurt, will Brandon Jacobs carry more of the load or will the Giants insert another running back in the same role as Bradshaw? Who will the second running back be? 

A2: Ahmad Bradshaw is pound for pound the best RB we have.  Jacobs is good as long as he stays in between the tackles and then bounces out INFREQUENTLY (usually for big gains at that time).  Bradshaw played hurt last week, so we’d expect him to be playing behind Jacobs again.  The Giants are eagerly awaiting the return of Danny Ware to 3rd String, but if he is not activated they will have former Charger Gartrell Johnson. So far Johnson has looked good.
Q3: The Giants are rated as the top team in the NFL right now in many power rankings. Do you agree with this assessment and why? 

A3: The Giants are clearly overvalued.  If you look at the Bloguin Power Ratings, the 4 teams the Giants have played are a 17, 24, 29, and 30.  Garbage.  And because the Gmen are riddled with injuries, we are vulnerable.  Boley is lost another 4 weeks, Canty is hurt and week to week, Manning is hurt, our Safety is lost for the season, our TE is playing hurt, not to mention 3 or 4 other players.  So given that the team has yet to be tested, it is not deserving of that much respect, not yet at least.
Q4: The Giants look pretty solid in all facets of the game from an outsiders perspective. Where would you say the weak links are in the their armor, if any? 

A4: (1) Their offensive coordinator is a predictable playcaller who is the weakest link on this team.  Red zone effiency has been a problem last year and again so far this year.  (2) When Safety Kenny Phillips went down, the Safeties became mediocre.  Wait till they get tested by Brees the following week.  (3) Their LBers got a shot in the arm with offseason pickup of Michael Boley from Atlanta, but he just went out for 4 weeks after arthroscopic surgery, so that unit is now very ordinary and vulnerable to tests of their range. (4) Kicker Lawrence Tynes is inconsistent on FGs and gives away too much field position.
Q5: Who would you say is the Giants MVP so far in the season?

A5: Eli Manning.  He’s been playing at a very high level and his 2 minute drive vs the Cowboys to get that win was money. 
Q6: Who do you think is worthy of being the Giants 2nd receiver behind Steve Smith? Mario Manningham or Hakeem Nicks?

A6: Mario Manningham.  He has been able to get consistent separation from his defender.  His drops in W4 were alarming, but that will get ironed out.  Nicks is not far behind.
Q7: Final Score?

A8: Giants 20 Raiders 9

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