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Tom Cable may not be charged in Randy Hanson incident

Profootballtalk.com is reporting that Tom Cable may not be charged with assaulting Randy Hanson. Many previous reports had Cable not already charged, but potentially convicted, but until charges are actually filed by the Napa County District Attorney’s Offiice, there is a possibility that no charges will be followed.

With the high profile nature of this case, it would seem that the DA’s office would move expeditiously to file charges if they felt the facts from the investigation merited such actions. With each day that has passed since the police department handed the case to the DA’s, the chance that Cable won’t face charges gets higher.

It would seem that the decision to file charges will rest on the statements of Willie Brown, John Marshall, and Lionel Washington who were all present at the time of the alleged attack. If they coincide with Hanson’s timeline of events, Cable will be charged. However, if the three assistant coaches give statements that diverge from Hanson’s story the charges will have to be dropped.

One thing that should be disconcerting to Raider fans is that even if Cable is not charged, he could still face discipline from the league for violations of the personal conduct policy. This would mean a probable suspension.

PFT reports that Cable could be considering a defamation suit against Hanson. That would be a very bad idea. The best thing that Cable can do if he doesn’t face charges would be to let it go. Even if he tells his side of the story, the NFL could use that in their determination of how long to suspend him for.