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Tom Cable: We can’t have days like yesterday

Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable faced the media after the Raiders were lassoed by the Houston Texans. He didn’t back off his assessments from the night before, and clarified that being beaten along the line of scrimmage was the entire defensive front seven and not just the line.


Cable said that there were no excuses, they didn’t “throw the fight at them.” “Its not about health when you’re talking about blocking and defending the run. Its about getting your tails kicked. That’s what happened. You can’t skirt around this. You cant say it was this or that, we didn’t fit gaps right. We had a few missed tackles.”


He said that it wasn’t a matter of effort, but a matter of execution. “We were out there working, but we weren’t getting it done.”

He is not looking at making changes in the defensive lineup based on that game. “Its the same group I know can defend the run.”

Cable got to the heart of the matter when he said, “To be the kind of team we think we can be, we can’t have days like yesterday. It is just unacceptable…its clear in everyone’s mind—Its unacceptable”


Injury Follow-up: Darren McFadden, Michael Bennett, and Quentin Groves all had hamstring injuries, and would know more by Wednesday morning. Bruce Gradkowski took a “shot to the shoulder, but felt pretty good today.” Thomas Howard had a knee sprain.