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Tom Cable: We have got to learn from this

Head coach Tom CableIn his weekly Monday press conference Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable was blunt in his assessment of the team, in that they did things they “used to do” and hadn’t done all preseason, but he was confident that that the team was going to turn things around.

When he was asked if this game would affect the team’s confidence, Cable was to the point, “We’re pissed off. We’re not going to sit around and feel sorry for ourselves.”

In the past, games like this have led to the Raiders going on losing binges. Knowing that history, Cable said, “at the end of the game last night or in the locker room I asked them bring your notepads and bring your open mind when you come back tomorrow because you got a lot of work to do. We gotta straighten some things out and when you see yourself on film as we talked in the team meeting, you are going to be very shocked and a little bit angry to see yourself doing things we used to do, things we haven’t done all preseason, things we had felt we had kind of moved beyond. There they are again”

Cable said that Jason Campbell was too cautious:

“He didn’t mismanage or anything like that. I think he did fine. He just represented our whole football team, he wasn’t able to turn it loose and play. He was too cautious. Which was unfortunate, especially in your opener, you want to make a statement.”

When it came to the false starts, Cable gave a lot of credit to the Tennessee Titans fans at LP field:

“That’s a great crowd, seriously. If you do your homework, they have led the league for years in opponents presnap penalties.”

He had some positive words for the running game and more specifically Darren McFadden:

“There are some positives in that game, we ran the football pretty good and consistently with a nice average, Darren I thought played extremely well when you get a chance to go look at the film. There was some improvement in that area, if you remember in the preseason that was my concern that I didn’t think we were consistent running the football.”

Stay tuned for Levi’s Ballers and Buster’s tonight.