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Training camp day 23 Tom Cable Q&A

After a day in which the drama in the alleged incident between Randy Hanson and Tom Cable reached epic proportions, Cable once again stood before the assembled media and refused to comment on the situation. He did, however, address the events of the day’s practice and other football related goings on.

With the preseason tilt against the same 49ers the Raiders held four joint sessions with over two days, there will have to be a focus on the football aspects by the team despite yet another distraction.


We gave a bunch of guys rest today. You probably saw a lot of guys standing around, mostly the veteran guys, just to freshen them up a little bit. Other than that, really good work.  I thought both sides got a little lethargic there at the end, but we’re tired and we’re deep into camp now. Injury-wise, it’s really the same crew: Schillens, Walker, Barnes, Wade, Shaughnessy, Ekejiuba, Mitchell and then Mario got a little tight in the lower back, Mario Henderson there at the end, did not do the last period.

Q: With Cornell out, James Marten was getting a lot of snaps at right tackle ahead of Erik Pears. Any reason?

A: Only because we’re getting ready for the game, so Erik will go play left when Mario comes out. So we don’t give him much work other than a couple days before. No real reason other than that. He’ll have to be ready to play left on Saturday.”

Q: How long do you expect the starters to go?

A: The first half.

Q: With Jeff having missed so much time, will he play more than he normally would?

A: No, probably less. You should expect to see him somewhere in the second quarter.

Q: Will Gradkowski follow him?

A: Yes. And then Charlie will have the fourth, Gradowski in the third.

Q: How important are the preseason games for you at this point in training camp?

A: Well, I think everything we’ve done is important in terms of evaluation. We had two good days of work with them, so it’s another chance to play a game, and I want to see some things, work on some things we didn’t do in the first game, work on them this game and then improve.

Q: With regards to Jeff, what you’ve seen the last couple days, do you see a guy who has been out as much as he has or has he slipped right back into it?

A: Sometimes I do, sometimes I  don’t. You can tell he has all that experience and background in this kind of system. There are times though you can tell he just needs some more timing and rhythm.

Q: Chris Johnson and Stanford were both part of the getting rest?

A: Yeah.

Q: Are you happy with the depth behind the top three corners?

A: I think we’re going to get that decided as we play these next three games, but it is a concern, and who that is and just where they all fit, that’s definitely something we’ll have a lot of attention on.

Q: How much more do you open the offense in a game like this where you’re playing the Niners, who you’re not going to see in the season, or do you keep it pretty bland?

A: We’re going to really have the same idea we had going into Dallas. We want to just get guys evaluated, having guys play a little bit more, the first group. More than anything just improve from that first game.

Q: How much has Brandon Myers progressed from the first day of camp?

A: A great deal. For us, we needed to get a third tight end who could take some of the stuff off of Zach, and I think Brandon has allowed us to do that. Pretty decent pass protector, good run blocker. Where he’s showing up is catching the football more and more.

Q: With the receiving corps being in the state it’s in, do you anticipate having to use more two tight ends sets?

A: I don’t know that the receiving corps is really that down, other than Chaz being down. Louis is back. …. I think we’re OK. We’re going to stay the course there in terms of developing the pass game and all that.

Q: Anticipate more two TE sets with the receiving corps depleted?

A: I don’t know that the receiving corp is really that down. Just other than Chaz being out, Louis is back, Javon will come back in a week. I think we’re OK. We’re going to stay the course there in terms of developing the passing game.

Q: Starting RB vs. SF?

A: I don’t know yet, I don’t know yet. But I’ll know tomorrow.

Q: One gets most carries, or rotate again?

A: It’ll be a different starter tomorrow than it was the first game. It’ll be a different starter the third game than it was in the first two.

Q: But you’ll rotate all three in first half?

A: Yes but probably lean on the starter from here on out maybe just a little bit more.

Q: Starting WRs?

A: Yeah Murphy and Heyward-Bey.

Q: Different RBs starting but have a good idea how you’ll use all three?

A: Yep. I think I’m pretty close. I just want to see them do it now and give them all a chance as a starter here in the preseason.

Q: Javon Walker all dressed up to play yesterday, he ready to roll?

A: That, or he’s just getting itchy. It is part of the rehab, just getting him back into the whole routine of it.

Q: Start two rookie WRs in a real game if that was best chance?

A: Absolutely. If they’re the best two guys, that’s who’s got to play.

Q: Decided on a positional breakdown for the 53 man roster?

A: No because there’s so much competition. At linebacker, there’s some issue there. At wide receiver, there’s some issues there. So to say it’s going to be X and X here and X here probably isn’t fair because you may keep an extra guy somewhere.

Q: Any comment on the word that Hanson now has a lawyer and is going to talk to police?

A: Yeah, we’re still going to take care of it internally. The one thing I will tell you is, when all the facts come out, everything will be fine.

Q: Personal or legal matter why you won’t talk?

A: We’re just going to handle it internally.

Q: Has team been contacted by lawyers or cops?

A: I don’t know any of that.

Q: How about an NFL investigation?

A: I don’t know that either.