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Weighing in on JaMarcus Russell

Last year about this time, it was reported that JaMarcus Russell was pushing 300 lbs. This rumor took the media by storm and the criticism flew. The early reports this year were that Russell had slimmed down, and had been working on his mechanics.

It has been reported that Russell weighed in at a hefty 271 upon arrival in Alameda. That 271 is 11 pounds over his listed weight of 260. After Raiders assistant coach Willie Brown had touted Russell’s loss on Comcast Sports Net’s Chronicle Live, it would be expected that he would be at or below his playing weight.

As the saying goes, it is not where the journey begins, but where it ends. The 271 lb mark is a benchmark of where Russell is as of this point in time. If he is in the process of getting himself where he needs to be as a player and as a quarterback, and making the right decisions, this can be used as a benchmark, from which progress will be seen.

Becuase of Russell’s draft status as the first overall pick and massive contract, everything he does is put under a microscope. He has done very little to create a positive public perception of himself, so it is easy to be quick to critcize. However, the burden of high expectations comes with the high paycheque.

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