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“100% Fantasy Island”: Flames GM comments on Spezza Rumours. Hopefully Wants Colin Greening Instead

Remember that rumour that surfaced in the Ottawa Sun regarding the Calgary Flames possibly be willing to move Jiri Hudler, Dennis Wideman, Mikael Backlund and a second or third round pick to the Senators for Jason Spezza?

As it turns out that rumour may not necessarily be true.

Well, at least that’s what new Flames general manager Brad Treliving would have you believe.

“It’s categorically false,” Treliving told the Calgary Sun’s gaudy three-piece suit wearing Eric Francis. “I haven’t made any such offers. That’s 100% fantasy island. I saw it early Sunday online and had to read it a couple times and had to remind myself ‘oh ya I’m the Flames GM. Interesting.’ ”

Later in the interview, Treliving admitted to having conversations with Senators general manager Bryan Murray.

“You’re always talking to guys all the time — that’s your job,” said Treliving, who would rightfully garner criticism had he not inquired about either stud.

“You have a discussion about what’s going on, but there’s a big difference between just talking to guys and making an offer. You’re talking to every team, and when you hear of or see a team that may be in the market, it’s your job to phone and ask.”

So there you have it, Brad Treliving has talked to Bryan Murray and unfortunately in this situation, Eric Francis is right. Treliving wouldn’t be doing his job properly if he wasn’t inquiring and doing his due diligence on Jason Spezza.

Did he make an offer?

Only he and Bryan Murray know, but as Bryan Murray showed by downplaying any talk of the Senators exploring trades for Jason Spezza at the NHL trade deadline, why would anyone trust everything that comes out of a NHL general manager’s mouth in the first place?

Update: 12:00 pm – Spirit of St. Louis

According to Andy Strickland, the St. Louis Blues are Jason Spezza’s first choice of destination when it comes to a trade.

Given their need for an offensive center and there being some history between Spezza and Ken Hitchcock, his reported preference isn’t really surprising. Strickland even played up the two parties’ mutual interest back in late May.

The thing about Spezza’s preference is, so long as St. Louis isn’t one of the ten teams that Spezza indicated where he cannot be moved to, it doesn’t really matter if it’s his preferred destination or not.

With all apologies to Spezza’s wife, she isn’t Carrie Underwood and this situation is a little different than the one that sent Mike Fisher to Nashville so that he could be geographically closer to his wife.

The Senators should move Spezza to the destination that nets them the greatest return, so if you want him St. Louis, pony up.