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Alfie Eyeing Europe, If Not 2013/14

Daniel Alfredsson is looking more seriously at his playing options overseas as the specter of another wiped out NHL season looms.

Soak that up Ottawa. Let that sentence marinate, embrace it in Konopka bear-hug fashion.

Alfie is approximately a week and a half shy of his 40th birthday and has 1,082 points in 1,131 NHL regular season games. The statistcally minded folks over at Hockey Propsectus have him as the 36th best forward all-time. He is a lightning rod of conversation, Ian Mendes can attest.

The captain owes the fans and this organization nothing, not a stretch to say he's been the antithesis of his predecessor.

Yet, here he is expressing interest in playing overseas in Europe with designs to prolong his Senators career. Maybe the tired "will he or won't he" stories can be given a rest for a few months? Sure, the fact that he’s unwilling to sign with a KHL or SEL team could be construed as a red flag, although, it may be just as likely he’s saving his body (something, something about "hard miles") should that thing they call the "NHL" return to Ottawa.

Although a season long lockout would wipe out a very team friendly frontloaded contract (the last year of his deal would cost the Senators $1-million), news that he could return, even at a more cost-prohibitive cap hit, would still allow the Senators to be patient with their top prospects.

Besides, the organization needs a veteran Swede to mentor the Karlssons, Lehners, Zibanejads and Silfverbergs of the world. And if Edler ain't coming here next summer, who else is available to be that guy…Victor Stalberg?