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Alfredsson To Miss At Least One Week With a Concussion

The Ottawa Senators organization has revealed that Daniel Alfredsson will be out of action for at least one week. GM Bryan Murray confirmed that Alfie sustained a concussion from an advertent blow to the head from Rangers shitbag forward Wojtek Wolski during Saturday afternoon’s contest in New York.

“At this moment, I guess it’s a concussion,” Murray told reporters shortly after the team landed in Beantown. “He doesn’t have headaches today and they think it’ll be something that — if a concussion ever clears up fairly quickly — he will probably recover from in the next few days. He will be out for at least a week.” ~ via the Senators’ official website

You can watch video of the hit, here.

Even though Wolski did receive a penalty for an illegal blow to the head on the play, NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan deemed that he should not be subject to any further punishment. (Note: The deadline to impose fine or suspend Wolski had to take place prior to the Rangers next game – which is currently taking place tonight against the Sharks.)

Despite the league sending out advisories before the season that they were going to crack down on these kinds of hits, the message has been sent: it’s obviously the victim’s fault for admiring a pass and leaving himself completely susceptible to an opposing player who had time to change his direction and land an opportunistic elbow upside the captain’s head.

Some might say that if Wolski consistently demonstrated that kind of effort on the backcheck in the defensive zone, he might not be with his third professional organization since 2010. As Scott (@Wham_City) joked with me on Twitter, that’s a damning indictment in itself.

Thankfully serious and unnecessary brain injuries are such an entertaining part of the game, otherwise I’d be really pissed off.