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Anatomy Of A Rumour: Nash edition

So Columbus’s play-by-play guy throws some shit against the wall and everyone jumps?

Jeff Rimer is being taken seriously by a lot of people and I’m not entirely sure why. Sure he has a weekly radio segment brandishing his namesake; “Rimer’s Rumours”. But can anyone name an original rumour he’s birthed that’s come to fruitiion?


As far as I can tell he’s just a guy who takes other people’s reporting and passes it off as his own, kinda like Eric Francis in his appearances on the Hot Stove. Maybe he’d seen Garrioch’s previous reporting on this subject in a google search?

In any case after broadcasting Ottawa’s supposed interest in Nash Sunday, by Monday morning this info had appeared in a Michael Russo column couched as being “reportedly true”.

A few hours later Darren Dreger was on the case adding this:

“The Ottawa Senators are a strict budget team, but they do have young assets to move, so if Sens owner Eugene Melnyk can be convinced to take on the money, it’s possible they could take a run at Rick Nash.

It’s a longshot, but not out of the question.”

I’ll just say I’d be much more inclinced to trust this had it come from Dreger in the first place, instead of the other way around.

Everybody Hates Rick

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And we can now add the Citizen’s James Gordon to the list

Rick Nash is 28 years old and last scored 40 goals three years ago. He also has a cap hit of $7.8 million until 2018 (!). Not only that, in real dollars his take goes up as he gets older (he’ll be due $8.2 million during the 2017-2018 season, when he’s in his mid-30s.

Glad to see at least one person working in the Ottawa media recognizes this is bad contract to absorb nevermind the absurd price you’d have to pay.

Bob Mackenzie’s Top 60

So the NHL Insider released his Top 60 Draft Prospects list last night. The interesting thing about this ranking as opposed to a service like ISS is that Bob compiles his list through a consensus of scouts working in the NHL. Which usually means it hews closer to what actually occurs come draft day. Sens fans will be happy to see he has Ceci going #14 and Lindholm at #15. TSN has put the broadcast up for viewing here.

Shero Shopping D-men?

Pittsburgh has a fair amount of money committed to their backend at present. So it’s not all that suprising that in between working on extensions for Staal and Crosby the Penguins GM may also be trying to move out a pricey veteran defenseman(s):

2009 first-round pick Simon Depres is close to making the jump, as is Robert Bortuzzo. The very talented Joe Morrow can’t be far off either. Have to imagine Paul Martin and Zbynek Michalek are the two names alluded to in this tweet, and I’d suspect Shero would be looking to move Martin first.

But if Milan’s brother is up for grabs I’d be surprised if Bryan didn’t make a call. It’s come out since that in the summer of 2010 Zbynek was interested in coming to Ottawa, but Gonchar was the Senators top UFA target. They’d probably like a mulligan on that, and they may just get one.

From Elliotte’s 30 Thoughts in October 2010

22. Milan Michalek said brother Zbynek really wanted to join him in Ottawa, but the Senators targeted Sergei Gonchar instead. GM Bryan Murray said his four main interests were Gonchar, Michalek, Anton Volchenkov and Paul Martin. He called Gonchar first and was asked to make an immediate choice.