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Craig Anderson Doesn’t Tip His Hand

* Thans to @SensForLife11 for the Photoshopped image.

For the first time since suffering a cut to his right pinky finger that severed a tendon, the Senators’ number one goaltender addressed the media for the first time but refused to comment or elaborate on how he sustained the injury itself.

In concealing his right hand with his jacket, it aroused the interest and suspicions of the Ottawa Sun‘s Don Brennan.

“I really don’t care to talk about the details of it all,” Anderson said Thursday at Scotiabank Place, hiding his wounded hand with a dark coat. “(It was a) freak accident. Happened in the kitchen. Leave it at that. Something you learn from. Unfortunately, it was a costly mistake.”

Or maybe it is not. Having received the lion’s share of the work between the pipes, maybe Craig Anderson’s desperate need for some post-game protein is simply a blessing in disguise. At the very least, it creates a unique opportunity for Tony Greco to use his radio program spots to discuss the inherent dangers of cooking the kitchen and how high-performance athletes can forego frozen chicken for much safer protein supplement alternatives.

In fairness to Anderson, maybe he just not want his injury to be a distraction to his teammates. Or perhaps he is just frustrated or concerned that his rhythm may be disrupted by his injury. Whatever the case, recent events can afford him the opportunity to step back and re-focus and recharge for the playoffs. At the same time, it gives the organization an opportunity to put Robin Lehner in some pressure packed games and evaluate his development as a goaltender.