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A Sobering Thought

If you frequent these parts of the Interwebs often, you probably came across a post last week that mentioned the bittersweet nature of four Ottawa Senators being voted into the NHL All-Star Game. If you missed it, the context of the article was simple: while it’s great to see the Senators fan base mobilize and accomplish something that it had set to do, the fact that Alfie was voted into the starting lineup essentially means that the All-Star Game will be used as a platform to eulogize his legacy with the Ottawa Senators.

Prior to going on CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning today (to listen to the interview, the audio is archived on the right-hand side of the page), I talked with my fellow Sens panelist off-air about the team’s direction as it approaches the trade deadline. As the discussion bridged on what to do with some of the team’s veterans, the topic of the looming expiration of the NHL’s current CBA arose. Having used more than 2,000 words to break down the factors that will likely be on Bryan Murray’s mind when he weighs the decision to buy, sell or stand pat at the NHL trade deadline, the one factor that I didn’t consider in great detail was the possibility that my fellow panelist brought up in our conversation. If the NHL and NHLPA can’t come to a timely agreement on a new CBA, how big of an influence will this be on Alfie’s decision to retire or play beyond this season?