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Backes That Truck Up — An Eye on the 2011 Offseason

With close to $15-million coming off of the books on July 1st, 2011, it’s become human nature for me to look ahead to the upcoming offseason and think of how drastically different the Senators could look. For anyone who’s visited this site regularly, you have probably noticed that I’ve developed a bit of a mancrush on one David Backes of the St. Louis Blues. As a young player who is entering his prime, he would not only fill a need as a top six winger but he would also represent a marked change from Ottawa’s history of signing good players who are past their primes.

After yesterday’s news that the 26-year old winger signed a 5-year extension worth $22.5-million that will keep him in a Blues jersey for the foreseeable future, my pipedream is over. I’m going to need a couple of days to regroup and find a new object of affection for this offseason. Suggestions will be welcomed.

Leclaire Breaks Stick in Practice

So Leclaire shattered something in practice yesterday that wasn’t a bone? It’s nice to hear that he’s making some progress.

Bruins Game Ce Soir

With an 8-4-1, the Boston Bruins are playing some pretty good hockey right now. So much so that their biggest concern these days is identifying the identity of some female Bruins fan who vandalized their washroom.

Apparently the Bruins Bear is out for vengeance too. In an effort to capitalize on the vandal video that has now gone viral, the Bruins organization responded by publishing this hilarious response.