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Friday News, Links and Cheechoo Fallout

Bryan Murray Extended

In my earlier article today, I neglected to mention that Bryan Murray had his contract extended after the Ottawa Senators organization picked up his option for another season. There’s no question that Murray deserved it after he has given the organization some stability in the wake of the John Muckler era or as the Gatinese Senators fans like to call it, l’ère de la merde.

More Volchenkov News

Remember that scene from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Hilary Banks’ news anchor boyfriend Trevor proposed to her while bungee jumping and ultimately fell to his death? That’s sort of how I felt when I read the following paragraph…

The team also said it has made a new contract offer to rugged defenceman Anton Volchenkov, one of its top blueliners. Murray said Volchenkov’s New York-based agent Jay Grossman wants to present the offer before making a decision. ~ Ottawa Sun

It started off so well…and then I learned that Jay Grossman wants to present the offer to Volchenkov face-to-face in a meeting? Great. Now I’m concerned. Grossman, if you’ll recall, is the same representative who helped facilitate the trade of Kovalchuk to the Devils after his client turned down numerous fair offers to keep the player in Atlanta. Obviously the circumstances are a bit different here in Ottawa than they are in Atlanta — ownership stability, competitive team — but I still have reservations that Volchenkov may ultimately decide to leave the organization via free agency thereby preventing the team getting anything in return.

Shutdown Line For the Playoffs?

Much has been made of last night’s performance by Anton Volchenkov in helping to shut down Alex Ovechkin’s line but he wasn’t alone. The trio up front of Kelly, Fisher and Alfredsson deserves some credit and it should be interesting moving forward to see if these three will be called upon to match up against other teams’ top lines.

Cheechoo Reactions From Around the Web…

Ottawa is no longer the greatest city in the history of ever. It’s now to be known as the capital of Assholetown. ~ Cheechoo song guy

Jonathan Cheechoo will not accompany the Senators on their two game trip. He is finished in Ottawa. ~ @SunGarrioch

Hate this move. I understand the money side of things but this one hurts. Doubt anyone claims him. Bingo his next stop? ~ SensChirp

It finally happened: Jonathan Cheechoo has been put on waivers. This is likely necessary to make the cap hit work for Saturday’s game, and it’s kind of surprising it hasn’t happened sooner. I highly doubt anyone will pick up Cheech, but you never know. ~ Darren M., Silver Seven Sens

I respect the hell out of Cheechoo, and would be the first in line to support him in regaining his NHL form, but business is business, and if you want to cash big cheques, you can’t blame the one writing them for expecting you to earn it too. ~ Gerald Norton, SenSay

Cheech should just walk away and save his legacy…”You’re only as good as you’re last performance!” ~ Canucnik