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Clouston to Condra, “Yer In!”

The Senators announced this morning that winger Erik Condra has been called up and he will make his NHL debut against the Islanders tonight. With 17 goals and 29 assists, Condra is the latest in a steady stream of prospects who have seen their strong play earn them in a look-see with the big club. It’s a great step forward for the University of Notre Dame grad who has affectionately been referred to around these parts as that prospect who was charged with disorderly conduct for urinating on a cop car in Binghamton.

Although he’s had his name mentioned by Bryan Murray as a candidate to be recalled, Condra’s promotion represents an interesting turn of events since it came on the heels of the Robin Lehner and Ryan Keller recalls this past weekend. With an extra forward, there was some speculation that another deal involving one of Ottawa’s forwards was imminent however, that speculation was quickly quelled with news that Keller has been returned to Binghamton without having played a game.

Unfortunately, we can’t blame Condra for ruining Keller’s opportunity, otherwise I would have encouraged Keller to write a Ray Pekurny inspired book that is cleverly entitled My Teammate Pissed On Me. (It would leave you wondering whether it’s a metaphor or if Condra really did piss on him.) But thanks to Binghamton beat writer Joy Lindsay’s (@PSBJoyOnTheSens) tweet that Ryan Keller back to BSens after team doctors evaluated a minor lower-body injury that was re-aggravated Sunday in Glens Falls, we know that an injury was responsible for the shuffling.

Speaking of trades, the site received a few emails and Tweets in the aftermath of yesterday’s Versteeg deal. A number of readers asked whether or not Toronto’s deal changes our opinion of the Fisher return. It doesn’t. Although full credit should be given to Brian Burke for acquiring a first round pick, with the way that Philadelphia is playing, those two picks that he acquired might as well be second and fourth rounders. So if one of your Leaf supporting co-workers is compelled to contrast the two returns and mock Fisher’s return, just politely remind them that the likelihood of seeing Nashville’s conditional pick come to fruition is slightly higher than the 0.5% probability that the Leafs can overcome a 10-point margin in the standings and creep into the Eastern Conference playoffs.

More Trade Scuttlebutt:

– Over at Off the Posts, Bruce Garrioch discusses some potential candidates to be moved. Many of the names we have grown accustomed to seeing because of their impending UFA status (ie. Ruutu, Phillips, and Kovalev) but his prediction that Chris Kelly will be the next one dealt is something new.

– Most of the discussion these days pertains to the question – When is Chris Phillips going to agree to submit a list of teams to Bryan Murray? Frankly, I just don’t understand why there’s some perception that a deal is being held up by Phillips’ inability to submit a list.

“I haven’t spoken to Bryan in a little bit. There have been some communications and there’s been no decision made on anything yet. It’s day-to-day and when there is a breakthrough, I’m sure everyone will know about it one way or another.” ~ Chris Phillips, via Sun Media

After examining Chris’ quote and take into account Bryan Murray’s trade history, it seems likely that Murray will present Phillips with a destination to approve once Murray has an offer on the table that he likes. (Note: Somewhat similar to the Dany Heatley to Edmonton scenario, except for you know… the aftermath.)

– Via Twitter, Garrioch (@SunGarrioch) confirms that Montreal, Boston and Pittsburgh have scouts at ScotiaBank Place to take in tonight’s action.