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Jared Cowen Autographed T-Shirt Contest Challenge Day Two
By now, I’m sure everyone has heard of those garden gnome pranks where you steal a gnome from an unsuspecting garden-owner and send it on a trip around the world. Passing it along to other friends and taking pictures of the gnome at famous landmarks.
What we at The 6th Sens are asking you to do is take our website logo below:
And take pictures of the logo at some significant landmarks from wherever you’re at. If you’re from out of town, no worries, the same thing will apply to wherever you’re from. If you’re in Toronto and want to take a picture of the logo in front of the ACC, go nuts. If you take the picture of the logo in front of some structure/building that we might not recognize, please write up a brief writeup for why it’s significant.
This Garden Gnome contest will run for the duration of the first week and we’ll reward points as follows:
– 1 point for one picture.
– 3 points for two pictures
– 5 points for three pictures
Also, as the pictures are submitted, we’ll publish them on the website. Have fun with it and get creative.