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Daugavins Contrasts Bruins And Senators

In a prelude to the Stanley Cup Finals between the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins, former Ottawa Senators forward and former 6th Sens Podcast guest Kaspars Daugavins made an appearance on Boston sports radio's Gresh & Zo program. 

He hits on a number of B-Sens related points, including how his infamous roll call started and how he got the nickname 'the Rooster'. While it's definitely worth the listen, Daugavins' contrasting the differences between the dressing rooms of the Senators and Bruins is something that has the potential turn some heads in Ottawa
"Well, the first thing probably was that the guys are really serious. There is a lot on the line on this team; they want to win. I saw that right away when I came in. I knew these guys are in for a job and were more serious than Ottawa maybe. I know these guys can win. They work hard in practice. The work hard after practice in June. I knew this would be a good team to play for." 
The short-sighted, insufferable cynics  will probably read the above paragraph and use it as an opportunity to heave excrement at Ottawa's collective mindset and question the organization's  leadership like it's some kind of debilitating flaw. 
The greatest concern is that some may use this opportunity to manipulate the context of the Daugman's quote; mistaking the fact that he was merely pointing out the organizations were at two different stages of development. 
Nobody should be condemning the Senators because of this. The Bruins are a veteran laden team that has won a Cup and have been perennial contender for some time now. They know their window to win is now. 
Ottawa on the other hand is not even close to  being at that level. There's hope that they're on the right track, but they're still a young and developing team whose best days lie ahead. 
The Rooster wasn't giving anyone a wakeup call with his comments, he was just subtly giving everyone a dose of reality.