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The 6th Sens Design a Jersey Contest

Last week we announced a contest that was inspired by the Toronto Star‘s ‘Readers design the Blue Jays’ new uniform challenge‘ and Jacob Barrette’s Senators ‘heritage’ jersey story.

The premise was simple: to take this template, use whatever means were available to design a new Senators jersey and then email the result(s) to us.

For kicks, Tim and I designed our own: to view my picture, click here and to view Tim’s picture, click here.

Below is a slideshow of what we found in our inbox. All of the following submissions will be reviewed and judged by Jacob Barrette himself. The winner will be announced on Friday, November 4th and will be contacted by us via email. This person will receive a pair of tickets (section 105, seats 3 and 4) and parking pass to the Monday, December 5th game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and stay tuned to the website for some ‘Movember’ news.