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Draft Day Thread: Nash Rumours

Plenty of information is flowing through the Interwebs and fortunately Twitter seems to be fully operational today so now Senators fans can all go batshit crazy because…

This is just the latest twist in a series of tweets over the past few days that have: a) linked the Senators to Nash; b) had Bryan Murray dismissing the price as being too high; c) discounted Ottawa’s chances because of some alleged strict budget limitations; and d) now lists Ottawa as one of the favorites to land the winger.

With Nash on the brain however, everyone is micro-analyzing his game critiquing his salary or his past production with the possibility (or likelihood) that it could regress further. I can only imagine how much worse it could get should Senators management decide to pull the trigger on a deal that sends a plethora of inexpensive assets to acquire him. Should Nash struggle to produce the elite-level numbers that people will expect of him playing alongside Jason Spezza, will he be able to cope and thrive in this Canadian fish bowl market?

More Trade Dialogue…

Which makes a ton of sense because if you’re going to sink a number of young assets into a player of Rick Nash’s ilk, it makes sense not to investigate the market further to see if better valued deals could be had for other top six alternatives. Fortunately in an interview with SensTV this afternoon, Murray acknowledges that he’s putting his nose in a ton of different places.

The plot thickens….