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Erik Condra Earns Ticket To DEL-2

Not since David Hasselhoff has an American product torn up the German charts like Erik Condra. After posting an impressive 19 points in 7 games played, Condra is packing up his bags and taking his decent puck possession skills from EV Füssen of the DEL-3 to SC Riessersee of the DEL-2.

From the EV Füssen website transcribed by the infalliable Google Translate:

His involvement in Fussen was a sensation, and athletic, Erik Condra despite a lack of match practice taken full: seven games, he completed for the EV Fussen, scoring eight goals and conceded eleven goals further submission. Now it was the wish of the striker from the Ottawa Senators to play höherklassig to prepare for the imminent end of the lockout may soon. The EV Füssen is this desire of the player now met and granted him the release of the second division SC Riessersee who already has two other players from the NHL in his squad 

The board of the SC Riessersee, Ralph Bader, is delighted: "We thank you sincerely for EV Fussen, who released the players understandably a heavy heart but the decision was ultimately the player himself, who wanted to play höherklassig, "said Bader. 

Those sarcastic German bastards.